About Us

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, rice have been a necessarity of our daily life, we almost had rice for our every meal. 
I was lucky to have the opportunity to taste different kinds of wines and sake as a wine writer in Hong Kong for almost 12 years. 

During pursuning the knowlegde on wine and sake, I discovered that sake, different from wine, which is an alcoholic beverage which made from rice, koji , yeast and water. What amazed me was the  amazing art and craftmanship while creating this delicious beverage .

Therefore,  I have been involved in promoting sake since 10 years ago.  I got kikisakeshi since the year 2014 and had expereice in judging panel of sake competition (Cru Magazine).

Now I am in Calgary , a place with lot of sake consumption but people are not educated at all on what is sake different from other wines. It is my responsibility to promote sake here in Calgary Canada

This is the reason I founded the Calgary Sake School